Sunday, 16 August 2009

Norfolk Trip - Day 3

Friday morning with the weather fine again I decided to have another go at Cley hoping this time to do better with the camera than yesterday before heading home after lunch.

Entered the Bishops hide at 9.00AM and found the birds from yesterday were all still about but this time they were a little closer even one of the Wood Sandpipers was a little closer and was now only half a mile away!!!!!.

The best of the new birds seen included a juvenile Garganey that settled down in the grass near the hide (others ID this bird I thought it was a small Mallard),some Golden Plovers,a couple of Grey Plovers,a lovelly Whinchat that stayed for a while but just too far off for a decent shot,a Little Egret that flew in and landed just to the left of the hide but the very best of all was a Spoonbill that flew in not far from the hide and stayed for a while before moving further away.Annoyingly when it was flying in I was looking away and missed some flight shots.What a twit!!!!!!!

After lunch in the centre I left for home.A good trip with a few decent shots but no life ticks.

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Kevin Groocock said...

Looks as if you had a good trip, Max.Super pics and nice one with the spoonbill - all of mine have been very distant and asleep!!I need to get Wood Sandpiper on my life list as well!