Friday, 9 October 2009

Another go at the Lesser Scaup.

It was a fine morning on Thursday so I shot off to Draycote Water again as it remains the only local patch that has got any decent birds present.

Went straight to Toft Bay to search for the Lesser Scaup and soon found it amongst the Tufties but as I waited for it to get in camera range one of the 15 fishing boats in the bay area moved too close and up went the flock to land right across the pond.

About an hour later the Tufties flew back and landed in front of the Toft picnic area but just as I began to look for the LS 2 fishing boats decided to move in and of course nearly all of them took to the air again.There were no more than a dozen birds left but blow me down one of them was the LS and I rattled off a few shots before they flew off to join their mates.

After lunch I was told there was a Caspian Gull showing well by the inlet so,as |I had never seen one before, I trudged all the way over there and I still haven't seen one as it turned out to be a Yellow Legged Gull.Can't win them all!!!!!

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