Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lesser Scaup at Draycote Water.

Decided on Monday morning to see if I could get some shots of the Lesser Scaup that had been seen at Draycote recently.

I started off at Toft but I could not see it in the flock of Tufties just off the picnic area and when another birder suggested we check the other side where it had last been seen I joined him.We eventually found it after a long walk with a load of Tufties but it was too far off for getting any shots.

I then trudged back to the Toft picnic arriving very knackered some time later.As I sat on one of the tables to eat lunch a load of Tufties landed pretty close to the shore line and blow me down the Lesser Scaup was amongst them.I could have saved myself a long exhausting walk!!!!! Mind you I'm not complaining as I got some decent shots.

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