Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A day of misses at Brandon Marsh.

Brighter weather was promised for today so I raced over to Brandon Marsh this morning hoping to get some decent shots of whatever was about.

Met a couple of birders on the main path who told me a Black Necked Grebe was showing from the Baldwin hide and the GW Teal was close in on the Teal Pool.Wow!!! I raced to the Baldwin hide but I'm blowed if I could see it.A Little Grebe fooled me for a while but the BN Grebe was not to be seen.

Off to the Teal Pool hide and not only was the GW Teal no where to be seen but there were no birds at all on the pool nor on the distant River Pool.Attempts at getting shots of a Goldcrest and a Cetti's both near the Teal Pool hide were a complete disaster the little blighters being far too fast for me today.

My bad luck continued in the East Marsh hide where there were seven sightings of Bitterns whilst I was there and my camera missed them all.Three times because I left the hide to check out the Teal Pool and four times because I was distracted (talking/looking elsewhere etc.) .What a burk!!!!! I was punished by being shown great shots of what I'd missed.

One bit of luck I did have was when I left the hide a broken man someone pointed out I'd left my bins behind.Thanks Kath.That would have made a bad day a disaster.

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Pete Walkden said...

I love the humour in your blogs - and I can just imagine your face as you realised each time, that you'd missed the bittern. :-)

I'm sure you'll get one to perform for you eventually - you put enough effort in to get the rewards.