Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Trip to Coton Lakes.

Having had a wonderful day yesterday trying to correct a fault with my internet connection, dealing with my service provider and hearing "Your call is important to us" "You are more than 9th. in the queue" and other rubbish and then,when you finally get through, you are speaking to someone in Asia who you cannot understand.Wonderful!!!!!

Anyhow moan over.So today I was more than keen to get out so just before lunch I went to Coton Lakes to try for the Smew that had been seen from the hide.I was after the females as I'd never seen one before let alone getting some shots.

The roads from Knowle were pretty good but the car park was like a skating rink.On the walk to the hide I met a birder who said the dreaded words " They've just flown over to another lake".The hide was empty when I got there which was not good news but it was nice to see an ice free lake with plenty of birds on it.Luck was with me because a female Smew turned up after about 30 minutes and showed well near the hide but it was very dull and not good for taking pics but I'm not moaning.Cracking looking bird.Well worth the trip.


Kevin Groocock said...

Nice to see a "redhead", Max. I have not seen one for several years. Glad you are out and about, my birding is limited to quick, very local trips.

Pete Walkden said...

Smashing shots Max. Only seen the male one myself. Hope it stays around for the weekend.

Max Silverman said...

Pete : I think there are 4 redheads there but I only saw one.This bad weather will keep them there.