Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Trip to Morton Bagot.

Whilst I was pondering whether to go after the GG Shrike at Morton Bagot this morning being put off by the gloomy weather Glen Delaney rang me and said he was going for it so we decided to meet up at the site at 9.45AM.That is if we could find it!!!!

Luckily there were 3 cars parked on a grass verge just past Morton Bagot so we found where to park pretty easily but now we had to find where the bird was. Again we were lucky because we spotted Nic Barlow a couple of fields away and after a very muddy walk he put us onto the Shrike which was about a 100 metres away on a fence post.It stayed for about 5 minutes before heading slowly down the hedge line and then into the distance.

Took some shots although much better than the ones of the Granborough fields bird (could they be any worse !!!!!) the gloomy weather and the distance made getting a good shot very hard.I'm not moaning because we did see it which was more than several birders arriving just after us managed.

Also in the same fields we saw a Common Buzzard,2 Kestrels, several Skylarks and a lone Stonechat.These shots of the Stonechat and a Skylark are not good but very nice to see in the Winter.

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