Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nailed the Marsh Lane Barn Owl at last.

Having put in quite a few hours trying to get shots of the Barn Owl that has been visiting Marsh Lane in the late afternoons and failing hopelessly even to see it I was not full of confidence when I went down again on Saturday afternoon.Mind you when I met up with Pete Walkden in the car park I was more confident as Pete is great at getting Owl shots.

We joined a few other birders in the Oak hide who were also after the Barn Owl.We got excited at 4.00PM when a large white bird appeared flying to the right of the hide but it turned out to be this chap :-

By 5.00PM only three of us were left in the hide the others had given up mainly because of the very cold conditions.I was outside the hide with Pete and was just about to give in as well when Steve who was still in the hide spotted the Barn Owl near the railway hide.Thanks Steve!!!!!

For the next 40 minutes in fading light we had great fun trying to get shots as the BO cruised all round the reserve paticularly in the car park/crop field area.It was very successful catching at least two dinners during this period.

I took loads of shots but due to the gloomy conditions and the difficulty I had getting our friend in focus I had a hell of a lot of crappographs. Here are a few of the shots I didn't mess up which you can click to get a bigger version.I will definitely have another go at this super bird.


steve seal said...

You should have had enough practise down Norfolk, cracking shots Max well done mate.

Max Silverman said...

Steve the last couple of visits to Norfolk I've failed to see a Barn Owl let alone getting a shot.To miss seeing a Barn Owl in Norfolk is very hard to do!!!!!!

Pete Walkden said...

Superb shots Max - more reward for the time you've put in. I managed to bag a few myself yesterday after the (failed) attempts when you were there.

Kevin Groocock said...

Super capture, Max. reaaly enjoyed looking at these.