Monday, 15 March 2010

The Slavonian Grebe again.

Having had a very poor day's birding on Saturday (all morning at Brandon Marsh and seeing zilch and a late afternoon at Marsh Lane for the Barn Owl and not seeing it but getting frozen to death) and then staying in in on Sunday I needed a decent day's birding.So this morning I thought I'd go to see the Slavonian Grebe again and try and get a better video.

When I got to the lake at 9.30AM I thought it had gone because there were no cars in the car park and no birders to be seen anywhere but a quick scan found the Grebe in the middle.Got him all to myself.

For the next hour I tried to get a close up video of our little friend but managed to mess up every video I took with my 7D camera mainly because it's hard to focus on it especially when it keeps diving all the time.I did end up with some great videos of empty water and had to reject others because the mike picked up my continual swearing as I failed to focus on it.

Here are a few more pics but no video.

My bad mood caused by not getting a video was lifted mid morning when I spotted a great rarity and managed to rattle off a shot.Here it is.

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you it is the living legend Steve Seal making a rare visit to the Midlands.Good to see you again Steve!!!!


steve seal said...

Good to see you again mate . Sorry couldnt have spent more time with you.

Ben Andrew said...

Hi Max!

My name is Ben and i came all the way from Hertfordshire to photograph the Slav on Monday! I left my house at 5am and arrived at 7am! When i arrived he was on the larger lake right next to the bank, i ran back to the car to check i'd locked it and when i returned he was on the smaller pond.

Spent 2 hours photographing him, he came extremely close and i saw him eat at least 4 perch. As i was leaving you must have been arriving, what a fantastic bird he is!

I have a blog -

My photos of the Slav will be on there soon!