Saturday, 24 April 2010

Brandon Marsh first then Marsh Lane.

It was sunny again on Friday morning I couldn't believe it !!!!! So I decided to shoot over to Brandon Marsh to have a go at some Warbler shots again.

Went for Willow Warbler shots first as they are easy as they come and pose for you.My type of bird.

Next I tried for some Whitethroat shots but the two I tracked down on the sheep field were too lively chasing each other around and all my shots were rubbish.

As I've been diagnosed as having Cetti-itis (a morbid desire to try and get a decent shot of a Cetti's Warbler) I had to have yet another go at my favourite spot.It is great fun but there is loads of swearing as you miss shot after shot.Here are my latest efforts most of them taken deep in the bushes (the bird not me).

Tried to get some shots in the carpark of a Swallow which was zooming around.Has this one got a broken streamer?

On the way home I called in at Marsh Lane to see if the Gropper was still about.It wasn't.

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