Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another Local Twitch.

Flushed with last weekends successful twitch getting shots of the Hoopoe I dashed over to Coleshill on Saturday morning to get some shots of the Temminck's Stints.

Arrived at the gravel pits not long after 7.00AM to find it was a beautiful morning but just when I got out of the car a birder strolled up and said "They've gone mate.I've searched everywhere and cannot find them".

Serves me right.I should have gone over earlier in the week when they were showing well however not too much damage was done as I'd seen some previously in Norfolk but it would have been nice to get some better shots.

On the way home I called in at Marsh Lane for a quick look round.I was greeted in the car park by 50+ Swifts who were challenging me to get some decent shots.What a game that is!!!! You get loads of empty sky shots,loads of blurred blob shots,you swear a lot and if the bird you are trying to track flies over your head you can fall over backwards.Here are my best efforts :-

I then spent an enjoyable half hour trying to get some decent shots of the Reed Warblers from the left hand causeway screen.This must be the best spot to get close to these birds for miles around mind you they skulk around a lot,never stay still for long and are masters at hiding behind the reeds.Here are my best efforts (click on the pics for a larger version) :_


Kevin Groocock said...

Bad luck with the Temmincks, Max, when I was there on Friday, they took ages to find. Super Swifts - I find it very difficult to lock onto them. Love the Reed Warblers you caught them well.

Pete Walkden said...

I'd be very happy with the swift shots - caught some good detail on them. Excellent work - worth falling over for! :-)

Max Silverman said...

Thanks guys.