Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another lifetick : a Bluethroat.

Even though I knew it was not a good time going to Norfolk being the end of June I thought sod it I could do with a bit of a break so early on Wednesday morning I set off there in excellent weather.I did not go my usual route as I was going to call in at Welney on the way hoping that the Bluethroat was still there.If so it would be a life tick.

No sat nav for me they are for wimps.I am a map man and had planned my route precisely or at least I thought I had because I somehow ended up at the Ouse Washes RSPB site.What a burk!!!!

The delay,as it turned out, was not a disaster because when I arrived at Welney at 8.30AM and raced eagerly to the entrance I found it was closed.Can you believe it they don't open till 9.30AM.

When I finally got in I raced over to the path leading to the Lyle hide which is where it usually is seen.Quite soon I had my first view.A White-spotted Bluethroat.Over the next few hours I had some very good views although you had to be patient as it disappeared for long periods.What a cracking looking bird.Probably one of the best looking I have ever seen.Here are a few shots.Click on them to enlarge.


Kevin Groocock said...

Excellent images, Max. Glad you had a good break. NOt been for this bird - tempted though!

Max Silverman said...

Well worth a go Kevin.Easy to find and it shows well.You could get there in 90 mins.