Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A battle with a Spotted Flycatcher.

Tuesday morning,having done the weekly shop,I decided to repeat Monday's birding and go first for the Spotted Flycatchers and then the Hobby not that I had any choice really as everywhere else locally was very quiet.

Got to the churchyard mid morning and straight away met up with Kevin Grocock who had already rattled off some shots of the Flycatchers but when I joined him I struggled yet again to get any decent shots.Shortly afterwards it started to rain and while Kevin shrewdly raced off to his car I decided to shelter under a tree.Bad mistake!!!!! What started off as a gentle shower turned into the shower from hell and I got soaked but worst of all the camera and bins were getting soaked as well.

Kevin left after the shower had stopped but I gave it another hour.It turned out to be a losing battle because the Flycatcher out thought and out manoeuvred me the whole time and I could not get near it.Good fun but I lost.This is as near as I could get :-

This what happened when I crept closer :-

This is my good friend checking on me before he made his next move :-

Had a quick look in at Marsh Lane for the Hobby on the way home and saw one zooming over the CP pool when I got out of the car.Unfortunately as soon as I entered the hide it decided to rest in a distant tree and refused to come out.


ann pallas-bentley said...

Hi Max,
Remember when we met, seems a long time ago now, hoping to get my own camera soon, thanks for your encouragement. Hope to run into you again soon Ann

Max Silverman said...

I wonder what camera you'll get.