Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A local trip for a change.

I had decided to stay in on Tuesday to catch up on some household chores but when Kath texted me asking if I fancied trying for the Hobby that's been seen at Brandon Marsh I couldn't resist as I love trying to get shots of Hobbies one of my favourite birds.Met up in the Carlton hide mid morning to find it very quiet with only a few Sedge/Reed Warblers showing that were of any interest.

After an hour of seeing nothing I decided to try a ploy I've used with success often in the past to attract birds.What you do is to start eating a sandwich and of course to do so you have to lay down your camera and this is what attracts birds.This time I was on my second bite when a Little Egret flew in and landed near the hide then this was followed by a KF that landed on the nearest perching pole.Great something to point the camera at.

When the KF flew off and I resumed eating a Hobby appeared from nowhere right in front of the hide caught a dragonfly and shot off.No chance of a shot and the miserable so and so never returned by the time I left mid afternoon.

On the way back a quick look in the East Marsh hide was rewarded with the Hobby but it was a long way off and zooming low over the water so no decent shots.


Tim Jones said...

Really good Hobby photos Max can't be easy getting photos like that of a bird that moves so quickly!

Kevin Groocock said...

I agree with Tim, Max - nice shots. I seem to be having trouble getting good flight shots at the moment. Must practice more!

Steve Seal said...

Nice one mate

Max Silverman said...

Cheers guys.