Sunday, 20 June 2010

Trying for Motagu's Harriers.

The wind had dropped a bit on Friday morning but it was dull with some drizzle in the air so I decided to go inland a bit and try to see and hopefully get some shots of Montagu's Harriers.

I arrived at the secret spot (which everyone knows about) not long after 9.00AM to find it deserted and not knowing if they had turned up this year (I'd not seen any reports) I was not confident of being successful.On my own I struggle a bit with ID them particularly the male which can be mistaken with male Marsh Harriers with the black wingtips.

Luckily quite soon a few birders turned up and together we were able to get some distant views of a male.A great looking bird and very nice to see but like the previous times I'd been to this spot they never came close.

Don't laugh at my pics.The weather was dull and a bit drizzly and as said above it was always a long way off.

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