Monday, 12 July 2010

A few more shots from Norfolk.

I didn't go looking for Bearded Tits on this trip as I'd been lucky enough on a previous visit to get some decent shots but a male was flitting around in the grass stubble close up to the Island hide at Titchwell one lunchtime so I had to have a go.

It was not easy because this chap had got a first class honours degree in dashing across open ground at the Water Rail school because he would always be hiding behind a tuft of grass and then dashing to the next bit of cover.There was a lot of swearing from other photographers as they missed shots (not me of course).

A Spoonbill flew across the main path at Titchwell one afternoon and I just managed a so so shot before it disappeared.

There were a few very tatty Ruffs on the freshmarsh giving a indication of what they look like in Summer plumage.

I've been taking shots of birds for four years now but in that time I've struggled badly to get shots of Jays so I was very chuffed to get these shots of a family group.I'm well pleased with the shots as it was late in the evening and the light was not good.They were near the feeders at the back of the centre at Titchwell.

Spent one evening cruising around for Barn Owls and went to 3 of the usual spots and never saw one at all which is not easy to do in Norfolk but I did get this Little Owl.

One morning a Bittern suddenly appeared from nowhere and flew across the main path at Titchwell so I was pleased to get some flight shots at last especially as all my mates at Brandon Marsh all managed excellent flight shots of one last winter and I had failed to.


Kevin Groocock said...

Super trip report, Max and yet more great images. I am getting withdrawal symptoms and need to get back over there!

Max Silverman said...

Kevin.It is the best place to go birding even "out of season".