Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A hovering Kingfisher.

As the weather on Monday was very good I went over to Brandon Marsh again mainly because no decent birds had been reported anywhere else locally.

I enjoyed walking around in the excellent weather but by early afternoon all I'd taken shots of were a Green Sandpiper and a Heron flashing.Not much return 3 hours birding.

I was about to give up but decided to have a quick look at the Steetly hide.It turned out to be a good move!!!!! Soon a Kingfisher turned up and perched on the nearby pole which I was pleased to see considering how few shots I'd been able to take in the morning.

The KF had been flitting around for a few minutes when suddenly it rose up in the air and decided to hover right in front of the hide.I smoothly went into panic mode as I struggled to focus on it but luckily it kept hovering and I was able to rattle off a few shots.Of course all the settings on the camera were wrong having been set for a stationary bird against a bright background but who on earth can change their camera settings,focus on the bird and get good shots when you have only got a few seconds to do it in.

Here are my best (I mean less bad shots really).I can't help feeling I was presented with a unique opportunity to get some great shots and cocked up!!!


Kevin Groocock said...

I would be well pleased, Max. Well done.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.