Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Another local trip.

As the sun was shining on Monday morning I thought I must get out there with the camera particularly as the forecast for the rest of the week was poor.Picking a place to go was hard as there is nothing decent locally except at Draycote Water where things have picked up lately.

However as it was windy in Knowle it was likely blowing a gale at Draycote so I chickened out and went to Brandon Marsh where at least I would bump into some friends.

As expected it was another quiet day at Brandon with very little showing both from the hides and from a walk round the reserve so as usual I ended up in the Carlton hide where a few friends had also ended up.It was very quiet which was a shame as it was very bright ideal for getting some decent shots.

A Kingfisher showed up a few times which prevented complete boredom setting in but how many shots of KF's do you need.Shouldn't moan at all really as most reserves never see KF's at all.

A Sparrowhawk flew in and threatened to land on one of the perching poles but changed it's mind at the last second and flew through.A Water Rail did show well for a few seconds in front of the hide but when it flew across to the right hand reed bed it caught me out and I missed out on a decent flight shot. I was pleased to get some Water Rail shots because somehow I'd managed to delete all my shots of them on my computer.


Monica and Tony said...

Thought it was time we should follow you officially and make a comment! Have often looked before and always enjoy your ramblings.
Never bored of Kingy shots Max, well done, keep posting any of them. Your Water Rail shots are very nice to see as well, what a shame you lost your others!
Monica & Tony

Max Silverman said...

Hi Monica and Tony.Nice to hear from you.I must go to Rutland Water but are the Ospreys still there?

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Definitely don't complain with those Kingfisher shots Dan. Despite seeing Kingfisher regularly in NZ I've yet to get shots that good.

What a shame you'd deleted your Water Rail shots. Beautiful birds. These are very nice though.

Monica and Tony said...

Yes Max, the Ospreys are still there. The female will be leaving any time now but the rest of the family should still be there for another 2 or three weeks.