Thursday, 26 August 2010

Where did all the waders go?

Seeing that Wednesday morning might be OK weatherwise I grabbed the chance to go out with the camera having been trapped in doors for a couple of days.This must be the worst August ever!!!!

With nothing decent been reported locally again I decided to go to Draycote Water (third visit on the trot so this blog might be getting boring).

Had some fun near the centre trying for shots of some Swallows zooming around (and failing) and some juvenile Pied and Yellow Wagtails which were hiding amongst the yachts (had a bit more success than with the Swallows but not much more).

I then pressed onto where the waderfest was on my last couple of visits ie. the Hensborough bank foreshore however on my walk right up to the outfall I never saw one wader.Where the hell had they all gone!!!! In a 2 hour stay I struggled to find a couple of Dunlin and juvenile Little Ringed and Ringed Plovers.So nothing new to post I'm afraid.


Kevin Groocock said...

Thought I might see you there today, Max. Delightful weather!!!

Max Silverman said...

Kevin I am a fairweatherbirder so no way!!!!