Sunday, 3 October 2010

A morning visit to Marsh Lane.

After Friday's atrocious weather that trapped me indoors all day I was keen to go out with the camera on Saturday morning when I saw it was a fine day.

I decided to play safe and go to my local patch at Marsh Lane.On route I noticed many fields were flooded and the river had burst it's banks so let's hope we get no more rain for a while.

There were loads of birds on the ponds including the usual Ducks, Geese, Gulls, Lapwings, Cormorants etc. but in huge numbers.

The only decent birds around that I saw were a few Common Snipe and ,best of all, was a pair of Ruff.These chaps were a bit distant favouring the spit over by the River hide and when they started to fly over to near the Oak hide they had a change of mind and flew off into the distance.

Not a good morning's birding but nice to get out for a while.


Kevin Groocock said...

You fair weather birder, Max!!! My only choice is to go out or miss out, if it rains on my day off!

Max Silverman said...

I am a fairweather birder Kevin and it's wrong because the really good birds come down when the weather is bad.I must change!!!!