Saturday, 20 November 2010

Another trip to Draycote Water.

Having recently renewed my car park permit at Draycote Water and not wanting to waste this expensive investment I headed over there on Friday morning.Got there at 10.30AM to find the weather warm,sunny and calm.Was I really at Draycote Water?

The trouble is when the weather is this good there never seems to be any birds about and so it proved to be today because when I got to the Hensborough bank I had seen very little.I met up with Francoise there and she had not seen much on her walk from Toft.

At the inlet we met up with Bob Hazell who had had a much better time having seen a lone Curlew, lots of Redwings,Fieldfares and Siskins and a couple of Bramblings on his walk along the north shore.He also put us onto a couple of female Common Scoters but the miserable swines stayed well away from the shore so my pics are only record shots.

Fed up with my 400 lens being outgunned by all these large lenses everyone has these days (keeps bringing back bad memories of being outgunned in the showers after rugby) I have lashed out and bought this chap.Mind you I now need to buy a packhorse.

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Kevin Groocock said...

I can recommend a good surgeon for your "hernia", Max! Or the one you will get if you carry lenses like that! It was a super morning but a massive fog bank engulfed Draycote in the afternoon.