Saturday, 15 January 2011

Two bad days out with the camera.

I have had a couple of poor days out with the camera this week one at Marsh Lane and one at Brandon Marsh.Nothing to do with either reserve which I love to visit but because the weather has been so gloomy that taking decent shots is a real struggle.

I popped across to Marsh Lane on Thursday afternoon for a quick visit braving the rainy conditions.It was very gloomy which was a shame because the car park pool was heaving with birds with many hundreds of Ducks,Gulls and Geese on the water and on the grass banks.Nothing special but I did see a few Common Snipe, a lone Shellduck, some GBB Gulls (a ML tick for me) and a distant brief view of the Bittern.

On Friday I spent a few hours at Brandon Marsh in the very dull conditions.Where is the sun? Despite wandering all over the reserve I saw very little and hardly took a shot.A friend had a Bittern fly over his head as he approached the EM hide but I never saw one at all.

My Warwickshire list has risen to 61 ticks with the Shellduck and a Wren (first Wren I'd seen for ages) which is probably miles behind everyone else.

Here are some pics I did manage.These are the best of the bunch so you can see how bad the rest were.I think one is the escapee NZ Scaup.Not sure what the juvenile Gulls are but there's a GBB Gull amongst them.


Kevin Groocock said...

It may be bad for the camera but the birding is good. Maybe we should concentrate on whats out there and not try to get pictures that we are not happy with?

Max Silverman said...

You are right Kevin but I just love taking shots of birds.