Friday, 11 February 2011

A bit of local birding.

Went across to Marsh Lane mid morning today to see if anything was about.Saw a Oystercatcher which was nice being the first this year.

I then made an error and left the car park hide and went looking for a Jack Snipe from the Oak hide which I didn't see.Whilst I was wasting my time there a Ruff had landed close to the car park hide.It had flown when I returned there. Bugger!!!!

I then had a quick look in Meriden to see if the Waxwings were showing.There was no one there when I walked across the bridge but there were some Waxwings.At least 40 of the beauties.They were very flighty and hard to get close to spending a lot of the time in a tree on the central reservation of the A45 on the Coventry side.Lorries and buses roaring just below them didn't seem to worry them at all.Here is part of the flock on that tree.

Didn't get any close shots this time as they were too flighty so tried for some flight shots which was damn difficult.

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