Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Local Tour.

As soon as I saw that on Tuesday morning the wind had died down and the sun was shining this fair weather birder ventured out again with the camera.I decided to go to Brandon Marsh but via Meriden first to see if any Waxwings were there.

Got to Meriden just after 10.00AM and parked not far from the bridge.The Waxwings did not appear to be there but when I was about to give up I spotted one down the slip road high up on top of a silver birch.Managed a few shots before it flew off.I believe about 20 were there in the afternoon.

Got to Brandon just before lunchtime and soon ended up in the East Marsh hide which was packed out with the Bittern watchers.I was determined not to take any more shots as I'd been lucky enough to take loads in the last few weeks but they are such magical birds I couldn't resist a few more.

I did a lot of walking round looking for Goldcrests to try for a decent shot or two but I failed hopelessly yet again.Did get a shot of a Willow Tit which is certainly not anywhere decent but I was pleased to get it at Brandon where they are considered to be quite rare.

Good to see the local Sparrowhawk is paying visits to the backgarden again.Got this shot this morning through the bedroom window so lets hope it keeps visiting so I can get a decent shot.


Kevin Groocock said...

Super day, Max. You did well! I have not seen Waxwings for over three weeks - must try harder! The Bittern was, as always a super bird.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.You got some great shots.