Monday, 21 February 2011

Yet another gloomy day.

When are we going to see the sun again I wondered as yet again I was greeted by gloomy wet weather this morning.

Surprisingly my small suburban back garden was quite lively with 8 Lesser Redpolls, a couple of Siskins and a lone male Blackcap present but it was so gloomy a powerful spotlight was needed to get any shots.I did have a go at the Blackcap in the gloom.

After lunch I went to Shirley to drop off a Waxwing shot requested by one of the residents I met when taking shots there on Sunday morning. I had a bit of luck as I pulled up outside their house because 8 Waxwings landed on the trees quite near me (apparently the first sighting of the day).They didn't stay long (the berries are getting a bit thin on the ground) but I was able to rattle of a few shots before they flew to a distant tree.

It was still gloomy but managed some better shots than the pretty poor ones taken on Sunday.

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