Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Local Tour.

Having stayed in all day on Wednesday doing domestic chores I was keen to get out there with the camera on Thursday morning.

I headed first to the Ladywalk car park area where Waxwings had been seen there the previous day feeding on flies near the river.Well when I was there this morning not only were there no Waxwings there were no flies.

On to Whitacre Heath next.The car park was empty which is never a good sign but things started well when I got onto a male Blackcap not far down the main path.Although I had a good walk round and visited all the hides I saw nothing at all of note.Even the feeder hide was very quiet.

Off to Marsh Lane next.I got there at lunchtime to find it bright but very windy.I'm not sure if the wind had affected the birds because all the ponds were very quiet and there was no action at all until a Peregrine drifted through.Everything took to the air in panic but by the time I got onto it the Peregrine was almost in the next county.

A lot of effort with little to show for it but you cannot win them all.

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