Tuesday, 19 April 2011

First Hobby of the year.

After a morning of domestic chores I went to Marsh Lane Tuesday afternoon to enjoy the sunny very warm weather and hopefully get some decent shots.

Found nothing on the car park pool.At the causeway I saw a Kestrel flying high in the sky and managed a few shots.

When the Kestrel flew away I looked again in the sky and thought I'd spotted another Kestrel even higher in the sky but,as I rattled off some shots,I realised it was a Hobby.One of my favourite birds and the first spot of the year so a Warks year tick.Pics poor but who cares just great to see one.

I spent an age waiting for a singing Reed Warbler to show itself but it wasn't playing ball and this is all I got.


Dave Shakespeare said...

I think I could do with some lessons on flight shots, I have billions of images of empty skies!!

Max Silverman said...

I know the feeling believe me.