Sunday, 8 May 2011

Norfolk Trip Day Two.

As I set out early on Thursday morning from the hotel heading to Titchwell I didn't know that I would miss out on two life ticks that were very close to where I was but I didn't know it until it was too late.This is the trouble with a bird text service the info. can come through well after a bird is reported.

The first miss was as I drove through Salthouse a Red-rumped Swallow was present near the duckpond and I drove past oblivious to it.Bugger one!!! At lunchtime as I left Titchwell and went on the A149 a White-tailed Eagle was cruising around nearby and again I was oblivious to it's presence Bugger two!!!

Although I spent a couple of hours at Titchwell and walked round everywhere I saw very little.I missed a Cuckoo that flew right over my head because I was too dozy to get the camera on it until it was too late.Bugger three!!! I did see a drake Garganey from the Island hide but it was asleep but I did get some shots of a colourful Ruff but that's all.The islands from the Parinder hide were quiet and the beach was bare of birds.

I called in at the centre and had a bit of lunch then decided to cut my losses and try elsewhere.As it happened I made a wise choice and went to Thornham harbour which can be very good if the tide is out.

I soon spotted some Bar-tailed Godwits on the mud looking absolutely splendid in summer plumage.

I then saw a lone Grey Plover also looking great.

Also present was a fine looking Wheatear.A lot better than Titchwell.Good choice Max.

I then left Thornham and headed down the A149 to Burnham Market probably driving under the WT Eagle as I went through Brancaster.I parked up at the Montague Harriers viewpoint and until I spoke to a couple of birders I was confident of seeing them as I had seen them the last few years.However they both were very negative saying they hadn't been seen for several days and they might have moved on.

I gave it an hour and then left with no success.I went down the road to the North Creake craft centre for a coffee and to see if the Little Owl and the Spootted Flycatchers from last year were present.If they were I didn't see them but I did see a pair of Grey Partridges.I haven't seen one of these chaps for ages and had never got a shot of one before however distant.

Off then to Morston Quay then for a quick look.Surprisingly found some Brent Geese which I thought would have left by now and in the distance I spotted a Whimbrel.

I then stopped at the Salthouse duckpond to see if the RR Swallow had hung around for me but it hadn't.I did get this Egyptian Goose but that's not quite the same.

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