Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Coming down to earth again.

After being both entertained and mesmerised by a couple of Short Eared Owls last Saturday at Dostill I came back down to earth this morning when a visit to Brandon Marsh was a almost a total washout on the birding front.

Things started well when in the Steetly hide we saw a Bittern fly in from the East but the miserable so and so landed in the reeds right at the back and was not seen again as far as I know.Things went rapidly downhill after this bit of excitement because we saw nothing from any of the hides and there was a complete lack of any birds in the trees and hedgerows.Desperate to use the camera I took shots of some toadstools.Hells teeth !!!!!!

By the sheep field we did spot a raptor high in the sky which one or two of us thought might have been a juvenile Peregrine but we were wrong.It was a Kestrel I think ????

After a lunchtime cup of tea in the cafe and a chat to the very attractive waitress (who had flowers in her hair today) I gave up and went home.

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