Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yet another day out in the sunshine.

As soon as I had finished some early morning shopping on Tuesday and had seen it was going to be another nice day I thought I'd better go out with the camera.

I wasn't sure whether to go to Marsh Lane or Middleton Hall or Brandon Marsh but decided on the latter as I knew some friends would be down there.This was a mistake as I later found out Marsh Lane had a Black-tailed Godwit,two Dunlin and an Egyptian Goose.Bugger Bugger !!!!!

When I was walking past the sheepfield I was convinced a large brown bird flying low over the bushes was the Short Eared Owl but when it landed high in a distant tree I realised it was a Common Buzzard.Bugger Bugger !!!!!!

When I got to the Wright hide I could see that there were 50+ Golden Plover on the far side of Willow Island but before I could get round to the EM hide something put everything up and they had flown off.Bugger Bugger !!!!!

I saw nothing from the Carlton hide or the Teal Pool hide but had a bit of luck from the Baldwin hide when a hand full of the Golden Plovers returned and settled on Willow Island.

After a cup of tea in the cafe and a chat with the very attractive waitress I headed round to the back gate area where Keith Yates put me onto a few Siskins and Lesser Redpolls in the Alder trees.These were my first of the winter for these chaps.Managed a few shots but nothing special.

I don't know if anyone else spotted the glaring error in David Attenborough's latest programme "The Frozen Planet" where he clearly said he was visiting the coldest places on earth.He went to the North Pole (fair enough).He went to Antarctica (fair enough). He didn't go to Ice Station Draycote known to all who go there in the Winter as the coldest place on earth.What a glaring omission!!!!

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