Wednesday, 9 November 2011

You can't win them all.

No.You cannot win them all and today I didn't win in fact I got badly defeated.

In the middle of some household chores on Wednesday morning I received a text from Kevin Grocock and then from Kath Everitt both telling me that a Purple Sandpiper was on the Spit at Draycote Water.

I was in a quandary whether to go or not.I'd seen the last one at Draycote (in fact I found it at the Outlet).I'd got some decent shots of one a few years ago at Titchwell.The weather forecast was poor but despite all these points against going I went just to get a Warks year tick.

On route there I got a text telling me it had flown to the small island. Bugger !!!! When I started to walk down the Farborough Bank in very gloomy weather John Judge told me it had flown off again possible to the Inlet. Bugger !!!!!

I did have a bit of luck a little later when I spotted a flock of nine Brent Geese way down towards Toft flying East.So I got a Warks year tick after all.

I then joined a couple of other birders and we headed to the Outlet hoping the PS had landed there but no luck.I can only presume it had gone but you never know with Draycote Water.

As it was getting even more gloomy and rain was threatening I decided to go home but when I got to the sailing boat park I spotted a Kestrel on top of one the masts.Using my incredible fieldcraft skills I was able to get close and rattle off a few shots.I was chuffed to get these shots in the gloom (it was raining by this time) as I've struggled this year to get ant Kestrel shots at all.


Kevin Groocock said...

Bad luck on the Purple Sand - when it was showing the light was appalling! ISO 1600!! Glad you got the Brents - I missed them and I need them for my Warwickshire list!!!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Kevin.Well found.

Pete Walkden said...

You'll have to teach me some of these fieldcraft skills, Max ;-)

Nice kestrel shots.

Max Silverman said...

Pete there will have to be a small charge!!!!!