Thursday, 29 December 2011

First trip out after xmas.

Having stayed in for a few days by Wednesday I was ready to go out there and get some fresh air and exercise so after a bit of shopping I grabbed the camera and headed off to Brandon Marsh.

After wandering around for a couple of hours there was good and bad news.The early rain had stopped to leave quite a nice day but there was nothing around to point the camera at.The Carlton hide was particularly grim with only a Mallard showing during a 30 minute stay.Chatting to other birders in the hide who had been there longer than me we decided that because it can be so depressing in there it may be wise to get a Samaritans direct line phone installed to prevent any possible suicides on particularly bad days.

The only shot I managed in the morning was of a Water Rail that showed for all of 10 seconds from the EM hide.

At mid day I headed off to the cafe for a cup of tea.As usual I was cheered up a lot by the very attractive waitress who looked particularly good that morning.How can I lose 40 years !!!!!

I then headed to the back gate area where there were several Redwings and a few Fieldfares feeding on the berry trees.

Better still there was a small flock of Redpolls and Siskins feeding on the trees near the back gate.I was pleased to catch up with these chaps and get the first shots of the winter.It was not easy to get any decent shots as they love to feed upside down and this does not give a good shot.

Here is another shot of a Redpoll but this was taken half an hour ago through my office (bedroom really) window.I was pleased to see it because it was the first visitor to my niger feeder which I put up several weeks ago and as far as I know had attracted no birds until today.



Christian said...

I am seriously jealous of your sunshine Max! I've not seen any of that for a while! Cracking photographs mate.

Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Hey Max, enjoying our cuppa and your leering at the waitress :) Great shots of the Siskin!!

Happy New Year!!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.

Keith I don't leer do I ????

Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Lol!! No max, you don't Leer :) Have a Happy Birding Year mate, look forward to seeing you soon.