Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Marsh Lane.

The usual unwanted visitor to my backgarden is a ginger tom who I cannot prevent from chasing the birds that visit my feeders but yesterday morning there was a new kid on the block.It was this chap who sat on the top of my neighbours 10ft high conifer hedge deciding which bird to attack.Damn things!!!

All was not lost because I managed to get another shot of this cracking Lesser Redpoll.

This morning after finishing some early morning shopping I saw that the sun was out so I dashed over to Marsh Lane arriving just after 9.00AM.Unfortunately the clouds had rolled in and it was pretty dull.I went to the Car Park hide first and was just in time to catch this Curlew as it flew off.

I then teamed up with some of the regulars there but despite visiting all the hides we failed to spot anything decent although there was a very high flying Skylark over the car park when we left.At best a crappograph but still the first I've seen for ages.


Christian said...

A beautiful cat though Max. I'm a fan!

Max Silverman said...

Christian Do you mean you are a fan of me or the cat? I suspect it's the cat.I wish they would stay out of my garden.