Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Red Kites.

Before I get onto the Red Kites I must report on an ID incident concerning the Med. Gull I took shots of last Sunday morning at Marsh Lane (see last blog).

Late in the afternoon on Sunday I received a text saying that the Med. Gull seen at Marsh Lane was a hybrid.This surprised me because in the hide with me that morning were 3 birders who are very experienced and surely would have spotted that the bird they were viewing was a hybrid.Later that evening I received another text saying that there were 2 birds at Marsh lane that day and that the morning bird was a Med.Gull and that the afternoon bird was the hybrid.

Now onto the Red Kites.Every year I pop down the M40 to the Chilterns to see and get shots of my favourite raptor so as the weather was so nice on Tuesday off I went.Everyone I know has their favourite spot in the Chilterns to see these cracking birds and I'm no different.I've been to loads of different spots so my favourite one may be a bit of a surprise but for me it cannot be beaten for the number of birds on show and the fact they often come very close.Where is it then? The small town of Watlington.Not Watlington Common but the actual town itself.

I got there just before 11.00AM and parked in the town car park.I didn't need to move from the car because the Kites were flying over the car park sometimes coming very low.What cracking birds!!! I stayed there till lunchtime and then had a walk round the very nice town where the Kites sometimes fly down the road at shop window level.One flew over my shoulder and I felt the wind from it's wings as it swooped down for a bit of roadkill.

Took loads of shots but I messed up lots of them as I misjudged how bright the sky was and didn't allow enough exposure compensation.Must have got too excited watching these great birds.Here are a few that didn't end up as silhouettes.


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Gorgeous shots Max! I'm like you, whenever I go I always make my way to the Town Centre!think you judged the light perfectly :)



Max Silverman said...

Keith I had loads of shots that were completely dark.I should have known better as all you have to do is have the sun behind you and only take shots of birds that are in front of you.

Kevin Groocock said...

Great images Max. Woud "fill in flash" on photoshop help with the dark images? It has saved a few for me!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I'm a huge fan of these beauties... I am so blessed that they come to feed in my garden in the afternoons. The rumour that they are responsible for the demise of smaller birds is so wrong. I put seeds down close to where the kites come down & they work in harmony ! Smaller birds just hop out of the way & return seconds later! During the cols snow spell I had 18 kites pop over for food which cost me an arm and a leg - but hey ..they sure are worth it:))