Sunday, 15 April 2012

Brandon Marsh.

Early on Saturday morning I decided to go over to Brandon Marsh as I hadn't been there for a couple of weeks.

When I got there I decided to give the hides a miss and spend the morning chasing Warbler shots in the area from the wind pump round to the golf course.I was after Willow Warblers (not seen one yet this year) , Blackcaps (not to fussed here as I'd had them in the garden this winter and already got some decent shots) , Common Whitethroats (not seen one this year) and of course my old sparring partners Cetti's Warblers ( easy to hear,hard to see and almost impossible to get shots of).

No trouble at all with getting some shots of Willow Warblers there were plenty about.

Had trouble with the Blackcap shots.There were two in New Hare Covert singing away but much too gloomy for me to get any shots.Nice to see and hear though.

Along the path by the golf course I met some of the BM regulars who were chasing up a report that the first Common Whitethroat of the year had been seen in that spot.I think this is a pretty poor shot of it but I'm not certain.I certainly heard one singing nearby.

I then spent an enjoyable hour chasing up a Cetti's Warbler that kept calling out in the area near the bench.Everyone knows that to get a shot of a Cetti's you learn it's territory (which I did),you find a decent spot to settle down and wait (which I didn't) and you never race off to were it last called (which I did) so it's no wonder the only chance of a shot was when one landed in a gloomy bramble.I messed things up because my camera would not autofocus in the gloom and my manual focussing effort was poor.This is all I got.

As a bonus I got a shot of a couple of two cracking looking birds.

I don't know whether it was because I had walked round for four hours with my camera and bins round my neck or because I had called in to see a friend on my way home and I had stood in his garden for ages chatting in the afternoon sun to him and his daughter ( who is a stunner and looks like a young Sienna Miller) but when I got home and got out the car a stabbing pain  racked through my back.I have stumbled round like a freak ever since and am worried sick how I'm going to get out of the chair I'm sitting in now with out a hoist.

The way I'm going it looks a good bet I'm going to break my own world record for Ibroprufen taking.

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