Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to my favourite churchyard.

On Tuesday morning I hadn't planned to go out with the camera as it was so gloomy but a friend said they were going to Napton for to try for some Spotted Flycatcher shots I thought sod it I'll go mainly because the bad weather had kept me in for days and I could do with some fresh air.

Got there just before 11.00 AM to find that the weather was as forecast "Overcast" but the weather man did not mention how cold it was going to be.It was bitter cold and here we are only a few days away from mid Summer.Where are all the global warming men now !!!!

The good news was that the two SF's were still about but the bad news was that unlike my last visit they were keeping well hidden  and were very difficult to get a shot of.After an hour all I'd managed was a couple of distant shots when one perched high up.

The only bit of luck I had was when one landed just above me in the tree I was standing under.Managed a few shots but it was so gloomy under the tree I got many blurred shots.

No really good shots but it was nice to get out but it would have been much nicer if there had been some summer weather about.

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