Sunday, 3 June 2012

Two poor days out.

Went over to Shustoke Reservoir on Friday morning hoping that the Black-necked Grebe was still there and showing well but after a bit of a search I'm blowed if I could see it although it could have been well out in the centre of the lake.

As soon as it started to rain I headed to Marsh Lane to see if there was anything there to point the camera at but all I could find despite a good look round was a Redshank sitting on top of a fence post and a large bush full of a big party of very young Blue Tits.Not one of my better days out.

Like a fool on Saturday morning I believed the weather man who said it would be "overcast but dry" but when I arrived at Brandon Marsh it was overcast but it certainly was not dry it was raining.Damn and blast !!! Not the weather to carry a camera around.

I did not see anything interesting in any of the hides and by the time I got to the Carlton hide it was very gloomy and it was raining steadily.There were loads of hirundines flying over the pond that entertained but I'm blowed if I could get a decent shot of one in the gloom.There was a brief bit of excitement when a Hobby appeared from nowhere and tried to catch a Swallow but it soon zoomed off.

A Cuckoo flew in to land on the dead tree.It called out for a while then flew off.I managed a couple of shots which are not my best but are not too bad considering it was raining steadily.

The only other bit of excitement in the gloom was again in the dead tree when a couple of Hobbies were seen mating.After mating the male flew to another branch, rested a while then went back for some more action.He must have been a bit of a stud because in an hour he made 4 visits to the female.

As soon as the rain stopped I raced back to the cafe for some tea.Inspired by the male Hobby's technique at getting his way I wondered if could use the same technique on the pretty waitress but I chickened out which is a good job really as I could well be in prison now.

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