Monday, 1 October 2012

Marsh Lane.

Went across to Marsh Lane this morning to try for the pair of Jack Snipes seen there yesterday.

Got to the Oak hide just after 9.00AM and was told that they had not been seen this morning.All that was showing in the marsh were several Common Snipe.

There was very little else of note about but all was not lost because also in the hide were Paul,Glen and John all top birders and it was fascinating to hear them talk about their overseas birding trips to such places as Costa Rica,Borneo,Alaska,Japan etc. It's a bit pathetic to think that a trip to Norfolk for me is a big adventure.

Luckily for me John Oates walked back to the car park with me and it was him that spotted a Peregrine that had scared all the birds on the CP pool.It zoomed right over us before disappearing into the distance.Managed a few shots.

From the CP hide the female Pintail was asleep for most of the time on one of the islands.

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