Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fun and games with a Bittern.

Still very much in wimp mode with the after effects of man flu I very bravely on Saturday morning went over to Brandon Marsh with the camera very much hoping I could drag myself around.How pathetic !!!

Got there mid morning to find a bright,calm and warm day. Didn't see anything of note on the way to the Carlton hide where I joined three friends.Quite soon a Kingfisher showed up but it restricted it's activities to some distant hovering before flying off so no pics.

Shortly afterwards I spotted a Bittern in the distance as it did a short flight across the reeds before disappearing back into the reeds.A few minutes later it popped up again and flew a little closer before dropping into the reeds again.Managed a couple of shots this time which were the first for a couple of years.

Just as we were all in relax mode the Bittern popped up again and we all fought to get some shots as it flew across the front of the hide then down the south side of the hide to land 50m away in the reeds at the back of the hide.All this excitement had got me out of wimp mode.Managed a few more shots.

Headed to the cafe lunchtime and as I'd slumped back into wimp mode I was pleased to get there unaided.I perked up again when I saw the pretty waitress was on duty but today pretty was a poor description I think stunning was more appropriate.How can I shed 40+ years !!!!!

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