Saturday, 19 January 2013


The one good thing about the snow that keeps you from going out is that it can attract loads of birds into your back garden onto the feeders.This morning was no exception with the heavy snowfall of yesterday attracting birds into my garden and my neighbours. I am a keen bird feeder with a decent feeding station but my neighbour is excellent putting out loads of feed.

Getting shots of the birds in these conditions is not easy as it can be very gloomy and things in my case are made worse because I have to take my shots standing on a stool  and poking the camera through a narrow top hung opening light of a bedroom window.

This morning I don't think I've seen our small back gardens (in suburban Knowle) any busier with birds flitting around everywhere.Blackbirds,Starlings and Chaffinches were by far the most numerous with up to 20 of each.Amongst the better birds were 6 Lesser Redpolls, a lone Jay, 7 Siskins, a lone GS Woodpecker which seemed to like the suet balls and a flock of 25 Fieldfares that landed briefly on a neighbour's tree.

Here are a few shots with nothing decent but OK in the conditions.


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