Friday, 1 February 2013

A quick visit to Marsh Lane.

As soon as I saw it was brightening up this morning I drove over to Marsh Lane hoping to see the Bittern that has been showing again in it's usual spot.

As soon as I opened a window in the Car Park hide a very cold wind blew in and I thought " My god  I won't be able to stand this for long " but this thought was soon forgotten when I spotted a Goosander behind the nearest island and a Little Egret at the far end of the left hand island.

The Goosander did not play ball at all and stayed miles away most of the time.Hardly took any shots.

The Little Egret was much better and flew around quite a bit sometimes landing not far from the hide.Managed a few decent shots as I tried not to blow out the whites which I usually do.


Tried for the Bittern from the causeway screen but had no luck.Others with more patience than me were still there when I left so they might have had better luck then me.

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Dave Hutton said...

Hi Max,

The Sibe isn't a tick i'm afraid only a sub-species bit like White Wagtail etc