Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I think it must be all this cold weather that has been bringing birds onto the garden feeders.The other day there were 6 Siskins on my feeders for a while.

On Tuesday morning I braved the cold weather and went over to Brandon Marsh getting there at 10.00 AM to find it very sunny but that damn wind was still blowing strongly.

After visiting all the hides along the main path including the Newlands screen I'd had very little luck.The hides facing eastwards (nearly all of them) were all empty because when you opened the flaps a wind from Siberia blasted in and blew your cap off.The only shot I managed was of a distant Water Rail.

I did have a bit of luck later in the wooded area near the Wright hide when I caught up with my first Chiffchaff  of the year which was singing it's heart out and catching flies in the sunshine.

 Things went downhill after that when I had an hour long battle with a Goldcrest trying to get some shots but I was badly beaten and failed to get a decent shot.Far too fast for me but I will be back.This is all I got.

Then in the same area (between the sheep field gate and the start of the New Hare covert) a bat suddenly appeared and flitted around for five minutes.This was a first for me.Never seen a bat out in the day time (it was 2.00 PM) and never got a shot of one before.This is my best shot so you can see how bad the rest were.It was like trying to get a shot of a butterfly and I couldn't lock onto it.

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