Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Have been a good birder lately and have checked out Marsh Lane nearly every day. Didn't have the same success yesterday as I had on Monday with the camera and only got this Little Grebe.Others heard the Grasshopper Warbler reeling but I didn't. 

 This lunchtime I had to dash from the car park to the hide as a sudden shower arrived.This Little Ringed Plover was not worried by the shower although it looked angry when it first spotted me.


I then had some fun and games trying to get some flight shots of an Arctic Tern that was whizzing round the Railway pool but I had very little success.It was too distant and much too fast but very nice to see.

Then disaster struck and it's all down to me.As I walked to the Railway hide I spotted a Mandarin Duck flying in.I'd never seen one at Marsh lane before so I was keen to get some shots.

Soon spotted it on a nearby island but when I tried to focus the camera on it nothing happened.The battery had run out.What a burk !!!!!  I had wasted far too many shots on the Arctic Tern.

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