Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As I hadn't been to Marsh Lane for a while I decided Tuesday lunchtime to go there and  have a quick look round.Got there just after 1.00 PM to find it a bit gloomy but thankfully dry.

Got a few shots of this Reed Bunting that was pretty good at finding food.

There were plenty of birds on both pools including loads of chicks but I could not find anything exciting to point the camera at.Had the best fun on the reed bed pool where three young Reed Warblers were showing one of which must have had some Weetabix for breakfast because it was very lively and vocal.

For the half hour I was there it darted in and out of the reeds stopping briefly to sing out before darting off again.I didn't get any great shots as it was too quick for me and the cunning fox was using a Reed Bunting as a wing man which it would send out to distract you while it popped up some where else.Great fun trying to get shots.

I was impressed with this lone Redshank chick that confidently strutted around feeding on the car park islands.

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