Sunday, 9 June 2013


Some shots taken in my garden on Saturday morning.A House Sparrow with a moustache.A young Coal Tit and a Jackdaw with breakfast. 

Saturday morning not wishing to travel too far I thought I'd have another go and see if I could find the Spotted Flycatchers I'd seen early last week but could not find at all on Friday.These were special birds to me because I found them and I very rarely find birds but go and see birds other birders have found.

After nearly an hour of waiting patiently and seeing nothing I had just about convinced myself they had moved on when one popped up on an overhead cable.Yippee !! They were still here.

Although great to see  they are cracking birds this is not the spot to get decent shots.They are in a private walled garden and you can only get a glimpse of them from a public footpath and then only if they perch high up.They are always fairly distant and the sun is in your face.You have to be lucky to get a reasonable shot.

Here are a couple of shots that are typical of the views you get.These are the best of a mass of crappographs I took.

I was very lucky for a few seconds when one landed on the boundary wall.Lets hope they might cross the public footpath and start feeding the other side so decent shots can be taken.  

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