Wednesday, 16 October 2013


After doing some early morning shopping on Tuesday and seeing that for a change it was not raining I decided I must get out there with the camera and try and get some shots.I decided to head over to Shustoke Reservoir to see if the Arctic Tern was still about.

Parked up by the disabled car park at just before 11.00 AM to find it a bit gloomy and damp.I had a bit of luck straight away when I bumped into Dave Hutton who told me it was still here but right down the other end of the reservoir but "don't worry it will soon come back and land right in front of us"

Blow me down if it didn't fly in just a few minutes later and land on one of the concrete posts at the water's edge.It was so obliging letting us get very close as it preened not at all worried by us being only a few feet away.Despite it being very gloomy I managed a few shots.

For the next couple of hours whilst I was there it kept flying off but returning after not too long to land on the same post.It often flew over our heads sometimes within touching distance catching flies.What an entertaining bird.

Mind you I didn't do too good with flight shots although I had lots of chances.I need the sun out and behind me before I get decent flight shots.This is all I managed.

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