Tuesday, 26 November 2013


At this time of year unless something decent has been reported elsewhere I go out with the camera to my nearest local patch Marsh Lane.It's only 10 minutes away.

Monday lunchtime the weather showed signs of brightening up so I grabbed the camera and went over there.I headed straight to the Oak hide and met up with Jeff Rankin who was watching a Common Gull at the back of one of the islands.It had settled down in a hollow for ages and then suddenly started to flap it's wings which was when we noticed it had a badly damaged leg.Fearing the worse for it we were both surprised and pleased when it managed to take flight and fly off.

The weather had not brightened up in fact it had become pretty gloomy so rubbish for getting decent shots.I was lucky when heading for the car park the Kestrel showed in one of the oak trees and I managed some shots in the gloom.

Before leaving I had a quick look in the car park hide and soon spotted a Little Egret.It didn't stay long and flew off to land in a distant tree.Too gloomy for decent shots but nice to see.

I was just about to get in the car when I noticed the Kestrel had returned and had landed in the other oak tree.The walk of about 100m from the hide to this tree is all in the open so you cannot get close however I've been told you've got a better chance if you cover your face when approaching.I've no idea if this was complete bull or not but I tried it by holding my gloved hands in front of my face.No one was more surprised than me when I managed to get pretty close.What a pity the light was so poor. 

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