Thursday, 9 January 2014


As soon as I saw that there might be a break in this grim weather on Wednesday morning I decided to go again to Ice Station Draycote hoping to improve on the shots I'd taken on my last visit which shouldn't be too hard.Well I hoped not.

Parked up at 10.00 AM  and climbed up to the Farborough Bank heavily layered against the cold.There were some Goosanders and some Goldeneye showing fairly well as I began to walk down the path.

I hadn't walked that far down the path when I met up with Jeff Rankin who had the drake Smew in sight a fair way off but much closer than on my last visit.Cracking birds.

It didn't stay around long and soon disappeared.As I approached the Spit I was very pleased to see that this time my old friend the Great Northern Diver was showing very well again.

It came in quite close but when I was in deep conversation with another birder regarding the merits of the new bridge cameras that are now coming out the Great Northern Diver popped up right by the rocks barely 2m away.We both were caught unawares and missed the chance of a real close up.Never been so close to one before.

A bird that didn't come in close was the female Long-tailed Duck that although was closer than on my last visit was still no nearer than the middle of the pond.Still can't get a decent shot.

After a cup of tea in the cafe although it was only 1.30 PM it was now much too gloomy to try for any more shots so I headed off home.

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