Thursday, 20 February 2014


On Wednesday morning after completing some chores I had planned to have a quick look down at Marsh Lane however a major crisis arose and I had to cancel my plans.

My Sky remote was on it's last legs but when I tried to use the new one it wouldn't work.Panic raced through me because if I was without access to a TV for any length of time it might be fatal so I spent all morning on the laptop getting all kinds of advice non of which worked.Oh Dear ! ! Serves me right really because I bought the new remote on line very cheaply.Probably a fake.

So it wasn't till mid day that I got down to the Lane by which time the very nice weather of the morning had changed to gloomy with drizzle in the air.If I did find something to point the camera at it would be hard to get a decent shot.

At the causeway screens I spotted a Little Grebe and when it caught a very large fish I managed a couple of shots.Pity about the gloomy conditions and the reeds.

On the railway pool a couple of Shellducks were flying around.Oh for some sunshine.

I was joined by my good friend Jeff Rankin early afternoon and we agreed the only show in town was a pair of Goosanders on the Railway pool.Trouble was they were in the middle asleep.It's very hard to get a decent shot of a Goosander at Marsh lane as they always stay well away unlike down at Draycote Water where they are more accommodating.

We then had some good fun for the next hour trying to get shots of them whenever they came a little closer.This meant travelling several times between the River and Oak hides hoping they would come closer as they cruised erratically around the pool.Too gloomy and still too distant for me but I did manage a few heavily cropped shots.


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