Friday, 28 February 2014


I am still struggling to get any decent shots which is probably not surprising with this dreadful weather.

Earlier in the week I had another go at the Great Grey Shrike at Hopwood which showed for most of the two hours I spent there but unfortunately it stayed miles away right at the back of the second field as viewed from the road.A typical shot with my lens.

On Thursday I spent a couple of hours at a very cold Marsh Lane.Whilst in the Oak hide the juvenile Peregrine flew right over the hide but I couldn't focus on it.It was much too quick for me and I missed a great chance to get a decent shot.The adult Peregrine was being a miserable so and so as usual and just perched with it's back to us in it's tree in the flood plane

The visit wasn't a total loss as John Oates told us about his forthcoming trip to the Himalayas to see a Snow Leopard.Good luck John I hope you survive the -20C temperatures.I was freezing cold sitting in the car park hide.

I had to drop off one of my sons at the airport this morning and as it's on my way home I dropped into Marsh Lane.This was another in a long line of mistakes because it was pouring with rain and bitterly cold.Only stayed 10 minutes because I was losing feeling of my extremities.Did catch the pair of Oystercatchers who are very keen on lovemaking.Takes me back half a century ! ! 

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