Friday, 25 April 2014


Despite it being misty and damp on Thursday morning when I heard that a Wood Warbler had been seen earlier by the lower dipping pond at Brandon Marsh I headed over there to try for some shots.Got there at 9.30 AM and headed for the dipping pond but the news was not good  "Not been seen or heard since 6.30 AM" 

The visit was not a total loss as I managed a couple of shots of a Grey Wagtail in the gloom which was very briefly on the Centre roof.

Another bit of luck for me was when Keith Yates tipped me off where a Cetti's Warbler had been perching and singing out earlier in the morning so as I've struggled to get any shots of these chaps the last few years I headed over there.I had to wait patiently which is not my strong point but after not too long it dropped into the bush for a few seconds enabling me to get a few shots in the gloom.

Other birds seen by mid morning but no shots included a Swift (first of the year) and a Barn Owl (first for ages at Brandon for me) plus a Willow Warbler and a Wren which I was able to get some shots of..

Although I'd heard several Sedge and Reed Warblers singing out I'm blowed if I could get even a glimpse of one.That was until I came across a Sedge Warbler giving a concert deep inside a bush alongside the path.I then had a go at a very difficult branch of bird photography "Deep inside a bush photos".Not easy. 

Before I left I returned to the Wood Warbler spot to see if it was showing.It wasn't. All was not lost though because by a bit of luck I spotted a sapling that birds were using to pose for shots.Besides the more everyday birds a Song Thrush turned up a couple of times.

Even better for me was a pair of Common Whitethroats that visited the sapling for a bit of a sing song. First shots of the year for me.

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